Access account information, make transfers, see your statement, and pay bills any time of day with the convenience of our online banking system. Just visit your local banking center to sign up!

Once signed up, you can also use the following features, selected for the specialized needs of our business customers:

  • Administrator to set up multiple users and determine access
  • Set up sweeps based on a target balance below or greater than $$
  • Initiate wire transfer requests
  • Transfer between accounts (One time or reoccurring)
  • Request copies of items/research
  • Initiate ACH transaction - (Approval process in place for this function)
  • Reconciliation Services
    • Positive Pay: Allows you to view exceptions and submit decisions (Pay or Return)
    • Reverse Positive Pay: Allows you to view represented items marked to pay and submit a decision to return item(s)
    • Initiate Stop Payment Request
  • Check reorder Requests
  • Cash/Change Order Form

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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